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Milwaukee Web Development and Audio Engineering

Guerrilla Digital is the longtime freelance moniker of Wisconsin native, Martin Defatte. Although it’s gone through many permutations and evolutions, it’s been the name I’ve consistenly used. I’ve been a graphic designer, been a package designer, worked for record labels, worked for bands, produced electronic music, engineered, produced, remixed, released and so on, under this name.


Featured Work





Ok. So #GGHOST hired some folks to make a puppet music video.

The folks from Rare Fruit Collective came up with some insane visuals for our latest video. Check it out.

Video for Anti-Scott Walker song.

Big ups to Shane​, DJ​, Dixie​, Anthony​, Isa​, Chuck​, Oren, Greg​ and everyone else who made the Unintimidated: Wisconsin Bands Against Scott Walker​ project happen. Here’s the Volunteer​ video and song contribution. It’s Kevin​’s first appearance with the band. Go order the compilation and support the cause.

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My creative endeavors have always been deeply influenced by my lifelong love of music and skateboarding and their respective subcultures.

I grew up absorbing DIY zines, Thrasher magazines and punk rock records. I was particularly fascinated by album artwork. I eventually formed a band with high school friends. After a few years, I chose to take a more “behind the scenes” role in the local hardcore punk scene, designing fliers for shows and laying-out demos for my friends’ bands. Some of those bands went on tour and got noticed, which in turn, gave me opportunity to work for a variety of indie labels.

After graduating from college with an Art degree, I turned an internship into a gig as a graphic designer at a small package design firm in my hometown. I cut my teeth developing package concepts for household names like: Windex, Edge Shave Gel, Skintimate Shave Gel and Ziploc.

Concurrent to my career as a print designer, I continued to pursue my personal studies in web design and development. After devouring the first of many books on CSS and front end development, I knew I wanted to transition front print to web design and development as a career.

I currently work for Jigsaw as a Front End Developer in downtown Milwaukee, WI, and I live in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee. In my spare time, I develop and help curate a digital archive of Wisconsin music called with my pal Jeremy.

My latest musical endeavor is playing bass for Volunteer with Mark and Kevin, from our previous band – Stock Options and Francisco from Gasoline Fight / Traitors. We have a 12″ out on Chicago’s Underground Communique, a 10″ co-released by Forge Again Records and our own imprint, Triple Eye Industries. We are currently working on new material. Even more recently, I have produced a few solo EPs using the moniker, Tron Jovi, to pass time during the cold Wisconsin winters. It’s a blend of my history as an electronic producer and the heavy music I’ve been drawn to lately.

From September 2010, until June 2012, I played bass in Stock Options.