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Typeface Experiments

  • reconstruct-460x137

    Inspired by a friend’s type, and determined to have something similar in my arsenal, I created a hand-drawn stencil based off the letters I had seen. Rejected as a band logo, I extended the glyphs to create this font.

    OpenType TrueType
  • bowery-460x137

    Bowery was developed because there was nothing like it at the time. A young tattooist, Mario Desa, shared his flash and tattoo mags with me, which was the inspiration for this traditional tattoo handwriting.

    Postscript TrueType
  • hellveticuh-460x137
    Hellveticuh Black

    Originally created for DIY venue, Club Karate, this was inspired by xerox flyer art. Distressed and half-toned for a screen printed look. This font has been used heavily by PETA, Victory Records and Shepherd Express.

    Postscript TrueType
  • player_piano-460x137
    Player Piano Roll

    This “found” type was developed by scanning the lettering from a vintage player piano scroll which was picked up at a venture thrift store. The results was this stenciled type, reminiscent of punk bands like CRASS.

    Postscript TrueType
  • senefelder-460x137

    This type face was created by transferring a digital print to a slab of limestone and printed to newsprint using a lithographic printmaking process. This unique process created a organic, distressed look.

    Postscript TrueType
  • rescue_technician-460x137
    Rescue – Technician

    This typeface was developed based stencils seen on road cases of touring bands. A few letters were initially drawn as a logo comp for a band. The type was rejected, but it now lives on in this finished typeface.

    Postscript TrueType
  • rescue_disaster-460x137
    Rescue – Disaster

    This is an alternate version of Rescue – Technician, which features rounded corners. The font family name was picked up by the band, “Rescue” (from Detroit?) which rejected the logo comp. Thanks guys, you these fonts.

    Postscript TrueType

Audio Production

  • Tron Jovi – Mongoloid single

    Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Synth & Drum Programming / Produce / Engineer / Mix

  • Tron Jovi – A Dying Light EP

    Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Synth & Drum Programming / Produce / Engineer / Mix / Master

  • The Hullmen – Expensive Taste

    Engineering / Mixing / Album Layout / Producer

  • Nadoula – Demo

    Engineer / Mixing / Mastering

  • Volunteer – Goner

    Bass / Engineering / Mixing

  • Foreign Lawns – Good News for Modern Man

    Engineering / Mixing / Mastering

  • Rust Belt Demons – Radium Girl EP

    Produce / Engineer / Mix / Master / Art Direction

  • Tron Jovi – Parasite & Host EP

    Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Synth & Drum Programming / Produce / Engineer / Mix / Master

  • The Hullmen – Blacklisted EP

    Produce / Engineer / Mix / Master

  • Red & Black – Young ’til I Die

    7 Seconds cover band
    for one-time Halloween show, Cactus Club, 11-2-2013
    Guitar / Engineering / Mixing / Art Direction

  • Volunteer “S/T” EP

    Bass / Engineering / Mixing

  • Lambs Legs – “Summer of Lamb’s Legs”

    Engineering / Mixing

  • Tyranny is Tyranny – Truth (Discontent Remix)

    Remixing, mastering

  • The Hullmen – Bar, Chords & Brunettes

    Produce / Engineer / Mix

  • Momentum – Herbivore

    Engineered Cory von Bohlen’s guest vocals on this track.

  • The Hullmen – “No Return”

    Produce / Engineer / Mix / Mastering

    Full length album, album art

  • Protestant

    Produce / Engineer / Mix / Mastering

  • Bored Straight

    One of two tracks produced for a compilation LP:

  • Poison & Hymns

    Engineered / Mixed / Mastered

  • Lambs Legs – “Drinks Bats Milk”

    Vocal Tracking / Mixing

  • Stock Options – “S/T”

    Engineering, mixing, bass playing

  • Stock Options – “Ancient Bloom” EP

    Engineering, bass playing, package design

  • Remixes for United Sons of Toil

    I mastered the entire remix album, but these are my contributions to the project as a remix producer.

  • Remix Entry for Tetris Rap Attack! Contest

  • Remixes for Carnage the Executioner

About My “Live Recording” Technique

Inspired by records like Bad Brains' Black Dots, I've been experimenting with executing live, single-day recordings, with minimal or no overdubs. Grown out of the necessity to record my own band, Stock Options (R.I.P.), I now have the ability to record up to 16 tracks at once. If you're a Milwaukee punk or hardcore band that needs a recording produced, I might be able to help you out. My availability is extremely limited.

If you do not have a mastering budget, I can supply a loud final mix for CD, cassette or vinyl duplication. (However, you really should spend the money and hire someone locally like Justin Perkins (or one of many nationally-known mastering engineers like Alan Douches or Carl Saff.)

About Me

My creative endeavors have always been deeply influenced by my lifelong love of music and skateboarding and their respective subcultures.

I grew up absorbing DIY zines, Thrasher magazines and punk rock records. I was particularly fascinated by album artwork. I eventually formed a band with high school friends. After a few years, I chose to take a more “behind the scenes” role in the local hardcore punk scene, designing fliers for shows and laying-out demos for my friends’ bands. Some of those bands went on tour and got noticed, which in turn, gave me opportunity to work for a variety of indie labels.

After graduating from college with an Art degree, I turned an internship into a gig as a graphic designer at a small package design firm in my hometown. I cut my teeth developing package concepts for national brands such as: Windex, Edge Shave Gel, Skintimate Shave Gel and Ziploc.

Concurrent to my career as a print designer, I continued to pursue my personal studies in web design and development. After devouring the first of many books on CSS and front end development, I knew I wanted to transition front print to web design and development as a career.

I currently work for Platpus Advertising + Design in Pewaukee,WI, and I live in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee. In my spare time, I develop and help curate a digital archive of Wisconsin music called MKEpunk.com with my pal Jeremy.

From September 2010, until June 2012, I played bass in Stock Options.

Watch more videos, download releases, or find out more about the band, which is currently on indefinite hiatus. Don’t fret, a new project is underway. For those interested, you can download my 90s pop-punk band’s discography here.

My latest musical endeavor is playing bass for Volunteer with Mark, from Stock Options and Francisco from Gasoline Fight / Traitors. We have a 12″ out on Chicago’s Underground Communique and are currently working on new material. Even more recent, I have produced a solo EP using the moniker, Tron Jovi, to pass time during the cold Wisconsin winters. It’s a blend of my history as an electronic producer and the heavy music I’ve been doing lately. My bandmates in Volunteer have recently started a record label.



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