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Milwaukee Web Development and Audio Engineering

This is the personal audio & visual portfolio site of Wisconsin native, Martin Defatte.

I’ve been a graphic designer, a package designer, worked for record labels, worked for design & advertising agencies, worked for bands, produced electronic music, engineered, produced, remixed, released and so on. I rarely freelance anymore, as my day job at Jigsaw keeps me quite busy, which is fine by me. The only available time I have right now, I spend on passion projects.

Without the exceptional website that Martin has built for me and maintained over the years, my business wouldn’t be half as efficient or successful as it has become. His attention to detail both behind the scenes and on the surface are a recipe for great success. He’s also very responsive to changes, updates, and maintenance when needed.

Justin Perkins, Mystery Room Mastering

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Add a pitch mod and line-in to a brand new, inexpensive tape player

Okay, so I learned how to make loop tapes for use with my 4-track, but I wanted to add some simple stereo looping cassette decks to my live…

I spent the last two weeks researching and making endless cassette loop tapes and this is what I learned.

I’ve been spending a lot of time during quarantine watching folks on YouTube use tape loops and play Tascam Portastudio cassette 4-tracks like an instrument. I plan on…