So, my friends and I started a record label.


Yep, there it is… the first official release by Triple Eye Industries. My band, Volunteer, found itself producing it’s own records… from recording and mixing, to album artwork, to pressing and selling them – only to slap Underground Communique‘s logo on at the end. It was satisfying to be associated with a decent indie label, but we wanted to have more influence.

For our second release as a band, we’re doing the exact same thing. Except this time, alongside our friend’s label, Forge Again Records, we’ll be putting our own logo right next to it. We’ve even enlisted the help of a freelance PR company. These last two experiences working with our friends has shown us that we can and should start our own label.

Now if we could only work out distribution on our own, without the help of another label, then we’d really be onto something. Here goes nothin’!

Posted by Martin Defatte

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